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My 2nd great aunt Amy

My favorite quote today

I left at lunch because the snow was picking up and I didn't feel like driving in it if it got truly nasty. Thank goodness I can't afford to go anywhere on vacation so I use the days for that, eh? Yeah...

So, I'm going to watch MFU episodes and take a nap this afternoon. Woot! Illya just had one fabulous quote:

Napoleon: Illya, we are in need of your special talents, are you free?
Illya:No man is free who has to work for a living...but I am available
Napoleon (amused): All right, so join the party

Heh, ya little sassypants. 
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Illya gets the best lines... wait until "Thor" (third season). Possibly the best line ever.

Can't wait! Once I've dipped into the Season 2 DVDs, I'll check with my library as to whether they have Season 3.

That's one of the best quotes ever. So how much snow have you got by you. Here it looks to be at least 3-4" The apartment complex hasn't plowed or cleared the sidewalks... good I don't have to be anywhere.

Naps are the best aren't they? "D

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I am SO answering that way if someone ever asks me if I'm free at work. lol

Updated on your post - looks like a bit over 4" and it looks heavy.

Naps rock though I did end up with some sleep drunkenness from overdoing it a bit. Hopefully I sleep ok tonight!

Tylenol pm...

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I see your Tylenol pm and raise you...

Xanax ;) hehehe

Re: I see your Tylenol pm and raise you...

I can't get them anymore. My clinic won't prescribe. My dad used to call them his happy pills. TPM works fine enough for me, Xanax made me feel groggy when I woke up.

Edited at 2015-03-21 12:30 am (UTC)

Re: I see your Tylenol pm and raise you...

I try not to take them often and only take a half very occasionally before bed when I've not been sleeping well for a few days.

Xanax is about the only thing that I don't have side effects on. I had a psych for a while (general anxiety, panic disorder, depression, yadda yadda) and there wasn't anything I could take that I didn't get nasty side effects from or that was completely ineffective.

The one I had hopes for was something called buspar. As far as the mood part, it was subtle and worked really well, it also gave THE most fabulous dreams - it was like watching little custom made movies. But I also got "brain zaps" of little electrical storms in my head that even after six weeks, wouldn't go away.

Re: I see your Tylenol pm and raise you...

Yikes brain zaps, that sounds pretty awful

I took Xanax for anxiety...jeeze after having a stroke you think they would want to give me something to keep me calm. Though some of my other meds have a so called calming effect. Maybe since life has gotten a little more manageoable that I really don't need X anymore. I use the pms for nights when I just can't fall asleep, and it also helps with come chronic pain that I've learned to live with, but sometimes it's good just to have a little relief.

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