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The Hong Kong Schilling Affair

Captain Stubing and Bond-villian Jaws are the baddies in this one? Well that's one weird mental crossover.

Poor ol' Gavin MacLeod, did that guy ever have hair?

Dang, not only is RIchard Kiel big but he's strong. Effortlessly fireman carrying two dudes at once.

Where the heck is Illya while Napoleon got knocked out and kidnapped? Playing mahjong again and practicing his duck impressions?

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I love the closing scene where Illya is getting ready to take a crack at Richard Kiel and Napoleon scoots him along. In this episode, you really see just how slender McCallum is. I love the 'disrobing' scene.

He really is a thin dude - not manorexic, per se but definitely on the skinny side. I noticed it from the beginning since he's much closer to a "normal" weight nowadays and it seems to have changed the way he looks (unless there's something else that did that I'm not aware of?)

Not that I'm aware of. I think his first wife kept him super thin (and his father was always very thin). Once he got married to his second wife, he sort of filled out and stayed that way. I like to say that he was thin with Jill and happy with Katherine.

Hee! Thanks! I blame the show since it's ripe for the teasing - especially since they don't seem to take themselves 100% seriously either.

Illya disappearing along about the middle of Act 2 is a common theme in first season episodes. He shows up again in Act 4, usually. They got better at keeping him in for the whole episode as the season progressed and the character became so popular with viewers.

But yes, no doubt he was still playing mahjong and perfecting his geese impersonation!

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