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My boycat is a dork, part upteenth

For those new folks, my dorky boycat, JonJon (see icon of him trying on Mommy's shoes for size) aside from being a goofball that makes more mooing noises rather than actual meowing noises is also a neat freak.

...ah, speaking of kittyboy, had to stop typing and set aside the tablet to rub his belleh. He'll walk up to me and flop down on his side and streeeeetch and wants his tumtum scritched. Everytime he flops, I can't help but say "Oh no! Your legs gave out!" and he looks at me with a "What?" look...

aaaanyway, when he uses the box, he always goes for a jog. When he poos, he tears off in a "poo gallop" around the place like the hounds of hell are on his heels. He also sucks much of the time at covering it up. He'll not want to touch it so he'll go to the complete opposite corner of the box and scoop litter into a pile, knocking litter out of that corner onto the floor but will leave the pee bit uncovered *facepalm*

Today he must've had some of the wet litter stuck to his bum because when I walked into the hall, he was standing next to a small piece of wet litter and kept trying to "cover" it with the flattened down apartment carpet. He looked at me with big sad eyes almost as if he were apologetic and I assured him that Mommy would fix it, which I did.

Silly ol' JonJon



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Mar. 22nd, 2015 11:50 pm (UTC)
So my Moonstone isn't the only one who does the "poo gallop"? At first I thought it hurt him to go or something, but apparently it just makes him feel lively.

Mar. 23rd, 2015 12:33 am (UTC)
LOL I actually found that term online so it must be at least a semi-common cat thing. My JonJon actually seems angst-ridden as he's racing around like a nutball. He calms down somewhat when I go and scoop the box.

My JuneBug doesn't do it (mainly because JonJon stalks her when she goes, the jerk) but she has her own quirk - she begs to get spanked all the time.
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