My 2nd great aunt Amy


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My 2nd great aunt Amy

I dig this

Proof that Jamie Lannister and Luke Skywalker are the same person

Though Leia >>> Cersei ANY DAY OF THE WEEK
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Hmmm, maybe JRR Maritn based his character on Luke Skywalker... Interesting.

Maybe it was subconsciously. It would be amusing if he saw that post and went "Heyyyyyy"

ROFL! Although I must confess that Luke Skywalker is my absolute favorite hero in the whole wide world and seriously, he outshines Jamie so much it isn't funny.

but still, this was cute.

Jamie went to the Dark Side! Guess it's the downside of actually growing up with heck...not even Vader...the Emperor as your Dad and a Sith as your sister.

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