My 2nd great aunt Amy


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My 2nd great aunt Amy

Answer for question 4324.

Are you a designated organ donor? Why or why not?
Absolutely! I won't have any use for the silly bits of flesh when I've biffed off so may as well let someone else deal with them.

I just renewed my license and it's on the front. My family also knows my intention - which is even MORE important because no matter what it says on your license, if your family says no, it won't happen.

I used to work at Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement years ago and it was actually kind of sad to know it didn't happen that often.

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Hear, hear! I am right there with you. Although I have to admit flashes of that one scene in "Monty Python's Meaning of Life come to mind instantly.

Heh, you would think of that first LOL

You bet your William Tell Overture I did.

Me too, for many of the same reasons. I can't understand why more people don't do it - you don't need them any more, the organizations involved are always careful to treat the donor's body and family respectfully, and in most cases the surgery is done as cosmetically as possible so it won't interfere with open-casket funerals. There's really nothing for you to lose and everything for a dying patient (and their family!) to gain.

I've considered donating my body to science, as there's a desperate need for that too, but I'm irrationally self-conscious enough that the idea of a room full of medical students examining me freaks me out a little too much.

Have you ever read "Stiff" by Mary Roach? It's an eye opener and actually kind of funny in parts.

One thing I also want is to be cremated (or freeze dried if it becomes popular here). No need to waste space or money putting me in a box in the ground.

I've never read it but I just looked it up and it definitely sounds like something I will have to check out this summer!

I'm claustrophobic and being buried alive is my worst nightmare. I am definitely leaning towards cremation. If they want to bury me afterwards, that's fine - at least by then I will undoubtedly be 100% irreversibly dead!

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