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Fruity fruitness

Fuzzy memories

The other day when I was pondering whether there were any ChiChi restaurants around (there aren't, by the way), I then started thinking about other defunct places we enjoyed - ones that still have a brand presence around. One of those places is the Kahiki. Their frozen items are still around in stores, evidently. I really should go to Stop and Shop and find some. However the food itself isn't what I remember.

I'm almost sure that it was my 21st birthday where I went there since it was the drinks I remember more. It was one of those places with the big fancy tiki-bar kind of concoctions where on some of them they used dry ice for even further effect aside from the fun cups and little paper umbrellas.
The front of the place:

Miss that quirky place. I don't seem to know many of those types of silly places to go eat anymore.

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That's kind of awesome! I've never been to a place that looked like that. Was that a chain in Ohio? Man, Pennsylvania missed out on all the cool stuff!

Nope, it was one of a kind in Columbus Ohio and closed in 2000. The site is now a Walgreens - booo

This website seems to have a tiki locator, though!

Seriously? The more I read about this restaurant, the more it cries out for an MFU fic! A full page ad in Life Magazine in 1967? ZsaZsa Gabor, Andy Williams, Milton Berle... holy moly! Who woulda thunk to find such a world famous restaurant in Columbus, Ohio?

Sparky, calling Nurse Sparky!

Isn't it just INCREDIBLE? And I 100% agree that it inspires MFU fic!

Heck, it almost inspires me to dig out the DVD I never tried on learning bellydance/hula fusion

Go for it! Your HDL will love the fusion dance!

OMG! It sat at the corner of East Broad and Napoleon streets!? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This story must be written.


If you aren't going to tackle it, I will!

I say you BOTH do eeeet!


I'm planning on writing it, but there's no law says we can't both do so. It'll be a while for me, I've got a couple in the hopper right now. I'd love to see your take on it!

Rob and I ate at the Olive Garden a lot early on in the courtship. The food was good to our youthful palates and it was cheap enough.

There are no more in Canada and haven't been for I don't know how long. I kinda miss them.

There are still plenty of Olive Gardens but there are constant rumors of them not doing well. I do love their salad but I pass on the breadsticks.

I read an article a couple of weeks ago about almost all of the Howard Johnson's restaurants finally closing. I can't say I've ever had a memorable experience at a HoJo's...oh wait...I type that and I remember one where I was in college and we were trying to find a place open late at night. It was kind of sad.

Oh, oh, oh, I love places like that! We only have Trader Vic's in Emeryville and Trader Dick's (hmm) in Sparks (NV). There used to be a ton of them, though. They were so cool wile they lasted. I am so into Hawaiian kitsch (and that's a great shot).

Here's ours -

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They actually have a list of coconut drinks..ohhhhh yeahhhhhh. And they even have things like Grasshoppers and Brandy Alexanders! YAYYYY!

Looks like per google that Trader Dick's is no more. Boooo.

It's not a restaurant but I also love the quirky grocery down in Cincinnati Ohio called Jungle Jim's

I have 2 tiki bars on my list of places to check out in New Orleans. I think they are starting to make a comeback in popularity.

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