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Soon to torture myself with food

I have a bright green box of Betty Crocker recipe cards circa 1971 and while the recipes inside aren't as the notorious Weight Watchers 1970s recipe cards mocked most wonderfully here, there are a few obnoxious recipes included within.

I dedided not to try to make some of the worst of the worst since one thing is that I intend to actually eat...ok...taste...what I make but I will do a few of the more iffy sounding ones and I have to make at least one recipe including gelatin in some form.

So at some point this week, prepare yourself for fish sticks

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OMG, that website. I needed that laugh. Now I just have to restrain myself from looking at all of them instead of studying.

This one though: I lost it at "bad little mushrooms". And it doesn't help that that . . . thing . . . looks distinctly like something I've seen (and smelled) in the pathology lab.

MUAHAAHAA! My work here is done!

If you like that, you toootally don't want to go here since you need to study

Must resist temptation! Actually, I think I have a 1970's cookbook kicking around here somewhere. I wonder if it is also this bad. I'll have to dig it out after finals.

This has inspired me to create a website of hilarious pathology = food pictures, and vice versa. Surprisingly there does not seem to be one in existence. Pathologists compare EVERYTHING to food. It's gotten to the point where I routinely get texts from friends that say things like "Does my soup look like necrosis to you?" XD

Yikes! Well I could definitely use your website as a diet tactic since I'd certainly lose my appetite! LOL

hahahaha I have a Fanny Farmer Cookbook that's as old as dirt. "D

I used to have one but I guess I got rid of it - bummer!

Mom and Dad still have the old Better Homes and Gardens series of 1960s cookbooks and another series from back then which I don't remember the name. However it has the BEST recipe for making hollandaise sauce in a blender

Google image search - I just DIED giggling at this
Meat Power!

Those cards are funny! I love the Gallery of Regretable Food.

I want to make vegan versions of some old gelatin dishes. My mom still has jell-o molds.

That would be super cool! I don't have any jell-o molds, myself

YIKES! I am soooo not experimenting making THAT horror show. LOL

All I can think is that someone some day will look back on some of our stuff and wonder what we were thinking!

This looks like a LOT of fun. I hope you do it, might help to raise your spirits despite the work insanity.

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