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One more reason to move

The Rutgers University Police Department is investigating a robbery which
was reported to have occurred on April 20, 2015 at the intersection of
Road One and Cedar Lane in Edison Township at approximately 7:30 PM.

In this incident the victim, who is affiliated, reported walking near the
intersection of Road One and Cedar Lane when she was approached by two
juvenile females who pushed her and then sprayed her with mace. One of the
perpetrators then removed the victim's cell phone from her pocket before
they both fled down Road One towards Road Three. The victim was
transported to a local area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Holy CRAP, you know I can almost (but not quite) see that corner from my dining room window? At that time I was playing with the kitties before dinner. This is certainly one more reason to get the HELL out of this neighborhood.

Oh and slight picky thing - unless she was further down after the sidewalk ends, it's technically either Highland Park or Piscataway, not Edison. Not that it makes it any effect on the crime itself but HP needs to recognize problems over here.


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Apr. 21st, 2015 10:49 am (UTC)
Okay, that's pretty scary! And here I was just asking if you felt safe walking at night. I don't tend to do that anymore, although at one point in my life, I would have without a thought. Much stronger back then.

It's like when I came out one morning and found a bullet hole in my car - we'd had a high speed police chase the night before. Found the bullet half a year later. Crazy old world.

Apr. 21st, 2015 12:16 pm (UTC)
What timing, right? I felt perfectly safe walking around and 7:30 isn't even sundown!! I'm surprised that they were bold enough to attack someone since that's usually when there are people about taking walks.

Oh geez, that's scary. Then again the place I lived when I first moved here was worse. I had a known crack dealer for a neighbor and one time the night before my parents arrived for a visit, there were gunshots in the parking lot behind my apartment.
Apr. 21st, 2015 01:21 pm (UTC)
We live in a better part of town and we had a murder just across from us. Boyfriend killed his live-in girlfriend and ditched the knife in the swimming pool.

Strangely enough (and I'm not saying anything in specific), but since then, they haven't been able to keep a renter in that apartment for more than a month or two.
Apr. 21st, 2015 01:32 pm (UTC)
Yikes! Clearly there's some bad juju going on there
Apr. 21st, 2015 01:54 pm (UTC)
I don't want to go out on a limb or anything, but just saying...
Apr. 21st, 2015 01:57 pm (UTC)
For as much as I'm not religious, there are just some weirdnesses that happen in the world that if not a higher power, weird energy has to explain these sorts of things.

Just explain it as a "disturbance in the Force" ;)
Apr. 21st, 2015 03:48 pm (UTC)
My feeling that there is stuff that can't be explained, nor should we try. I want to believe.
Apr. 21st, 2015 06:09 pm (UTC)
*Rather belated hug*
Apr. 21st, 2015 06:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I still am all O_O about it this afternoon. I knew there was petty crime in my neighborhood but actual assaults? WHOA!
Apr. 21st, 2015 06:14 pm (UTC)
I wish I could offer some good advice, but you'll know the drill as much as I do. Perhaps some Batman fic, where the mmuggers get pounded - especially if they take on Catwoman.

edit: I hope you do find a better place.

Edited at 2015-04-21 06:15 pm (UTC)
Apr. 21st, 2015 06:20 pm (UTC)
I have a line on a couple of them - start crossing the fingers around July! (Lease expires at the end of September)

Oh and alas, I'd look quite absurd in Catwoman wear. I'm rather apple shaped lol
Apr. 21st, 2015 10:28 pm (UTC)
Yikes! You be careful out there! And I hope the move works out for you very soon.
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