My 2nd great aunt Amy


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My 2nd great aunt Amy

Cranky bunny disapproves

I'm hoping to get to the fish stick amusement soon - maybe tonight - but I did want to share this card. Not for any of the recipes on it but the pissed-off looking figurine.
I love that the card is from the "Family Breakfast Brighteners" series and the bunny is all "You call this a BREAKFAST? Hmph....stupid humans"

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It doesn't look like a bad breakfast to me. Actually, considering that I still have 90 minutes until lunch, I will say, "Bad Bunny! You is wrong!" Good breakfast!

Maybe bunny questions what's in that...uh...quiche...thingie?

Looks like a tomato and cheese quiche to me. Not as hungry now.

Bunny has a bit of a crazed look in the eye, there.

I have a box of old recipe cards somewhere, too! Well, I think I still do. Must dig them out one day.

Looking forward to the fish sticks!

Ah, so perhaps you think it's a guard bunny that will attack anyone that dares go near his breakfast?

Do eeeeet!

Just hit post on the fishies!

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