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Fish Stick Fun

I'm easing into the funky food adventure rather than jumping into the EW! right off. Here's the card I started with:
Here we have "Ways with Fish Sticks." Would that be "Wicked Ways"? Uh...yeah, not going to get too naughty when it comes to the little breaded logs of minced fish.
And the recipes:
Mind you, at the moment I'm not going for trying to recreate the fabulous 70s look, just wondering about the taste. In this case, I didn't bother with sides, went right for the fishies themselves and had as fancy schmancy restaurants would say "Fish Sticks Two Ways"
Here's what I ended up with:

Feel free to click on the pic for the full size goodness. Mmm mm! I had a few problems and had to get creative. I couldn't find lime marmalade anywhere - ok, the two stores I bothered looking - so I got orange marmalade since the recipe card said I could sub it. But alas, fish sticks are toasting away in the oven and I discover that the lid on the jar wasn't sealed and YUCK! Mold! Dangit. My two options I had on hand were strawberry preserves or mint jelly. Well DUH! Of course I was going to go for the bright green concoction. I'm sure Betty Crocker's folks would have accepted the substitute. I did mix in some True Lime powder to try to get closer to the flavor of the original recipe.

The verdict? Shockingly not too bad. I wouldn't say I'd do the mint-lime funktastic glaze again because although the taste was pretty decent, the sweet stickiness doesn't really go with breaded fish. However,  I did actually like the cucumber-lemon yogurt sauce on the other sticks.

I have a recipe coming up maybe next week or so that is supposed to resemble Chinese food and involves canned veg and Hamburger Helper. Now THAT I anticipate might be pretty disgusting.
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