Diane (missdiane) wrote,

Indigestion, it's what's for dinner

As if I wasn't tortured enough today by not having internet at work, I decided to go for the next food adventure. Here we have the creme de la crap of Chinese cuisine:
Looks harmless enough, right? Well, here's the delish sounding recipe:

Um..yummy yum yum. Canned food and Hamburger Helper. Oy vey. Well, after all these years they still sell the stuff and so I compiled my collection and girded my loins:

Harmless enough, right? Here's what I ended up with by following the recipe card to the letter:

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have used the photo editor to make this look nicer because in reality, it's brown upon brown upon brown with some more brown on the side and brown broth.

Ya wanna know what it tastes like? Brown. This is an insult to all Chinese people. Hell, it's an insult to all Americanized Chinese Food that we all buy. I know I committed not to waste food and I ate that whole bowl but I honestly don't know if I can stomach the leftovers.

Just...bleargh. I gotta really start spreading out these food experiments.
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