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SW ObiWan is a Sexy MF

Haven't done one of these in a while - intriguing

Your Glow is Green

You exude hope and change. You have a glow about you that is dynamic and proactive.
You believe in the power of personal growth and healing. We can all be better off than we are today.

You are a big proponent of intuition and doing what comes naturally. You think we should listen to ourselves for the answers.
You are happy to help anyone in need, but you are not dogmatic about it. You are more of a guide than a guru.

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So... how accurate was it? I got Blue.

I don't think I exude hope and change but I do agree with the last sentence

These quizzes so often provide hilariously wrong results. :) I completely love them and have absolutely no clue how they come up with the results after just a couple of questions, or just randomly selecting an image.

I think they're made by mischievous little pixies, just having fun on the 'nets.

Although having said that, I can see that you do believe in personal growth, so that seems to be accurate!

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