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Up past my bedtime!

I was SO happy to meet the lovely Ms mrua7 and BOY, what instrument can't you play? I quite selfishly hope your group gets a monthly gig and that you can come often as it was wonderful to meet, the music was great and I liked the atmosphere of the place.

I'm usually well abed by now so I'm one sleepy camper and the kitties are rather confused. But it was quite worth it, though I'm sure the kitties aren't going to allow me to sleep any past 5am like usual. Hopefully I can negotiate to be allowed to go back for a nap post breakfast.

And on that note, to sleep with me :) 


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May. 2nd, 2015 01:16 pm (UTC)
Was thrilled you made it it and enjoyed yourself. It's actually not a 'gig' but a traditional Irish 'jam' session, ao one never knows who'll show up at these things. It was a good group, but it remains to be seen who shows up next month.

Actually If I lugged all the interments I play to these things, I'd need a roadie! LOL! I focus mainly on the penny whistle, guitar and bodhrán drum. I also play Irish bouzouki, (the other instrument the fellow at the other end of the circle was playing) tenor banjo, mandolin and a large low D whistle. (also what the fellow with the bouzouki was playing)

It took forever to fall asleep last night as I was so 'wired' from playing so late...yikes.

Thanks again for making it out last night and it was great to meet you!
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