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P&P - those are some fanfuckingtastic sh

What? No duct tape?

To assemble this literature organizer to create mailboxes for the office, the tools required are a hammer...

...and a glass of water.

I kinda feel like MacGyver right now. 

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Well done. Mind you, the difficult part is getting people to use it.

The cat bed part on the lower left is a thoughtful idea.

Ah but MacGuyver wouldn't even have had a hammer. Maybe just some chewing gum and a bobby pin perhaps... lol!

Good point!

Well, the thing's together and I have blue hands from the stuff that you put the water on. lol

Am trying to envision this blue stuff...weird. I guess it's a water based glue?

Yep. You get the blue glue pegs wet and pound them into the ends to put it together.

That sounds strange. Usually when pegs are pounded into place, they stay there.

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