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Huggles for friends

To the sweetest lady ever!

The happiest of birthdays to the lovely lupinfriend!

I wanted to make sure to pick one that had "fun" in it since you're always wishing that to us and I wish it for you!
I hope sometime we can visit one another in person again and have fun together!


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* snugly huggles *

Thank you! What a nice way to start my birthday! That is such a cute card. It reminds me of the emoticon conversation I had with Gildy just last night. Lol

I also hope that we can get together again sometime. We would have fun! :-D You would be amazed that my little girls aren't little anymore. Has it been twelve years since we saw each other at your brother's home? I believe my parents were celebrating their 50th anniversary then. This year is their 62nd. Time certainly passes by fast. >.<'

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