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MLK has a dreamsicle!


I bought and ate one of those super-fake "boston cream" filled pies because I do so love that cream and thought it would be best to get the whole business out of my head since I kept thinking about it.

Well, I can safely say that I won't be eating THAT again for quite a long while. Ugh...

Methinks on the overtime work today that I'll opt for manually sorting and moving files. I need the exercise to work off that nasty pastry

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One of the downsides to moving to Amish county is the donuts are fantastic. I love a good Boston custard but not cream, there is a big difference. I made the mistake of ordering Boston cream the first time and couldn't stand the sweet white filling. The next time I noticed a sign saying both Boston cream and Boston custard. Aha! I love custard.

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