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Christ on a cracker

It must take a lot of effort to hate that hard

Wow. This is sad that someone would think that they're "in the right" to be so horrible to a fellow Christian

Bigot’s Note To LGBT-Friendly Minister: ‘God Hates You’ For Marrying ‘Queers’

I know not all Christian people are like that but that note writer certainly doesn't do a great job of loving thy neighbor and not casting stones, doesn't he? While I'll admit that I harbor one heck of a lot of dislike for bigots like that, I wouldn't go so far to say I hate. They're more worthy of pity for not being willing to let others live their lives as they say fit. I mean if their god is the one that is supposed to do the judging rather than them, then aren't they breaking their own religious rules with a note like that?

Just sayin'.

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Exactly so. As long as the way you live your life is causing no true harm, I don't understand why there are people that feel the need to tell you you're doing it wrong

Holier than thou is not just a phrase for some people. However, they then come back and shriek that we are being intolerant because we won't abide their abuse. Sigh...

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