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Wow. This is sad that someone would think that they're "in the right" to be so horrible to a fellow Christian

Bigot’s Note To LGBT-Friendly Minister: ‘God Hates You’ For Marrying ‘Queers’

I know not all Christian people are like that but that note writer certainly doesn't do a great job of loving thy neighbor and not casting stones, doesn't he? While I'll admit that I harbor one heck of a lot of dislike for bigots like that, I wouldn't go so far to say I hate. They're more worthy of pity for not being willing to let others live their lives as they say fit. I mean if their god is the one that is supposed to do the judging rather than them, then aren't they breaking their own religious rules with a note like that?

Just sayin'.


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Jul. 1st, 2015 11:19 am (UTC)
Don't get me wrong, I hate what he said, I'm angry as hell that he said it but although I wouldn't hesitate to slap the crap out of him, I can't go so far as wishing him AIDS and death like he did the minister.

See, you can easily find things in the Bible that tell you NOT to hate. Why, just WHY do people search so hard and twist things to find the tiniest justification for their bigotry and hatred? It's disgusting. It's as bad as the people that go looking for "black on white" crime to justify their racism. What is WRONG with these people? Places like Faux News have soured people on humanity. Liberals are "the enemy" and not seen as real people. I mean WTFFFF?

One religious thing that I hope is real is karma. Because Mr. Hate deserves to have the bile he spilled come spewing back at him.


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