My 2nd great aunt Amy


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My 2nd great aunt Amy

That's a new one!

I always get amused when I stumble across things where our people get research money from odd organizations.

Evidently one of the dudes in Environmental Science got a grant from the International Potato Center. Who knew there even WAS one - and heck, it's existed since 1971

Rutgers, helping make potatoes even more awesome than they already are. 

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There's a British Cheese Board. They help promote British cheese.

Heh, cool! I doubt we've gotten money from them to study cheese. Though if we were doing studies on cheese, I would TOTALLY volunteer for a taste test panel.

The Plant Bio department got money from the World Cocoa Foundation and I heard word that M&M/Mars wants to give us a big hunk of money to even renovate one of the buildings on campus.

If they have a meeting with one of the M&M guys, I need to have them ask when they'll have cinnamon M&Ms again since they were pretty awesome (for crappy quality chocolate)

Now if they could just make them starch free and still as yummy...

There's a huge "potato board" on PEI and last year there was all kinds of drama because someone was sabotaging potatoes that were coming from the farm owned by the President of the board. Potatoes are a big fucking deal apparently.

I have to love that there's potato drama. lol

We have lettuce drama around these parts

I hear potatoes are quite fascinating. You can make locks out of them, so I guess they can tell time?

Amd they still haven't produced a drylands potato? All our potato people will say is they want a expenses paid trips to Peru.

I wouldn't doubt that our folks budgeted in a trip to Peru in their grant lol

It makes me think of when I'm going to have to shake down people for their reports and Bosslady and I were able to call shenanigans on one of the project directors saying that he couldn't file his report because he was in China (what? For months?). When we told him that the guy currently in Antarctica managed to file his FROM ANTARCTICA, that shut him up.

This Spud's for you kiddo.

Will probably be at Pino's on the 10th. Will let you know for sure. Waiting to hear from my friend.

Hope it's good for you ladies to come! I could use an unwind so I'll probably be there either way (as long as my back cooperates, it's VERY unhappy right now)

Sorry to hear that about your back. As a long time sufferer with back problems, I feel your pain. Still waiting to hear from my friend. about tomorrow night.

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