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SW Dorme Tiny


Who wouldn't want to be as blissfully happy as sweet Lillian Bubbles?

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That cat may be happy but it has some serious breathing problems, probably because of the shape of it's face and maybe a sunken nose. Hey but Bub's happy...

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Yeah, Bub's had serious issues since birth. I am glad that they were able to get her enough therapy that she's able to move better. Her owner loves her lots

Thanks for sharing Bub's history! What an inspirational and happy cat, and what a wonderful guy who owns her.

Make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel! Mike also takes Bub around to events and they raise a lot of money for charity

Their purring is like music to me.

LilBub is just the cutest sweetest alien kitty and even tigers think she's awesome

The sound the tigers are making is called 'chuffing'. It's the equivalent of purring in cats. This was so cool!

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I love that! They accept Bub and then LilBub got SASSY with one of them! Hee!

Cat purrs - there is nothing in the world like them. They can make a horrible, awful, not happy day seem okay.


I know. When JonJon's not whining, he's a purr monster. I love LilBub's yule log videos

It's great, isn't it?

Lil Bub is very fortunate to found such lovely owners who have given her such a great life.

Nothing more serene than a sleeping kitty. She sounds like my Bowie, who used to snore!

I'm going to save this and play for Christmas!

I totally played it for Christmas and my kitties actually liked it. There's a summer one too. Heh

Wouldn't it be great if all cats were this mellow and cooperative. Wow, what a happy and contented kitty.

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