My 2nd great aunt Amy


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My 2nd great aunt Amy

Photos from a better camera

From our nice day yesterday, veritasema emailed me some of the photos she took on her much better camera so I'm sharing a few here - you can also click on these for BIG versions

I love the reflection in the river. So clear!

Another gorgeous shot where you can see the path on the other side - that's the official D&R Canal path that goes from near where we are up near the Rutgers Stadium all the way down south of Trenton and then up along the Delaware River. If the weather is decent next weekend, I wouldn't mind doing some more walking along one of the paths.

I LOVE this picture of the branches underwater. It's beautiful and kind of creepy at the same time

More of the beautiful fall colors. So glad we got to get a few pictures since there seems to be a lot of bare trees very quickly.

This was at Terhune Orchards where when walking in, there were Guinea Fowl wandering around. I cropped this pic down a bit so you can see them and the nice shot of the truck with the flowering kale.

Today wasn't quite as adventuresome, just some grocery shopping and a visit to the bookstore later. But mad props to Emily for spotting the new chicken soup dumplings at Trader Joes. They are super tasty and nearly as good as the kind you can find in the restaurant!

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Thanks for sharing. All are very good, and I agree about the underwater branches one.

Like your icon, too.

We both thought that was a keeper of a shot.

Thanks! I often forget to change my default icon and I have so many!

(Deleted comment)
It was a bummer that we didn't get to IKEA but I did want to get out and do something fun and Saturday being cloudy was great for pictures.

I do need to get to IKEA sometime or other since their bags are the best for schlepping clothes to the laundromat lol

Lovely! I'm going to miss fall in all it's glory.

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