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I doubt I could do the opposite anymore

I used to be a night owl for years but thanks to the kitties, I get up at 4am nowadays. Unless I've had a rough time staying asleep, it's really not that big of a deal to me. I should've gotten to the gym but Monday always gets away from me as it's 6:45 and I still need to get dressed for work. Some folks at Buzzfeed tried an experiment to turn from night owls to early birds

I know it's for the internet drama but geez, the whining. I'm sure the first week, maybe two would be an annoying adjustment but it's not THAT bad. If the shoe were on the foot (and I had weird sleeping-in cats), I'm sure that I'd be sleep deprived for a while since I'm sure I'd not be able to sleep past the double digits in the morning in one stretch but aside from being mildly grumbly for a few days, that's probably about it. I'd not be good viral video fodder for that experiment.

When it comes to being an early riser, night owls don't seem to understand that now when it gets around 9pm, I'm definitely ready to wrap things up and get home and get settled in to go to bed. I've been tempted to start a meetup group for early birds just so I could meet some new potential friends with similar schedules. Hm...

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Nov. 9th, 2015 09:01 pm (UTC)
Yes well, it depends on the day and what i did on the previous night but i still prefer being a night owl rather than an early bird.
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