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Decor ideas?

Even after baking a cake at 5:30, it dipped back down to 64F in the bedroom. It's not horribly uncomfortable but there's certainly a chill in the air. It's back up to about 69F here in the living room so that's good. So since it's obnoxiously frigid, I'm trying to think about spring. Specifically, what to do to pretty up my porch when spring gets here.

It's really a fire escape space so there's not a ton of space to do a lot of decorating but it looks like I can fit some stuff in the one corner. One thing I'm looking at is this rail planter. It gets a good amount of sun there so it would be nice to grow herbs or flowers in it. Several other folks in the complex have decorations like that on the porch so clearly the management doesn't mind as long as it's not blocking anything vital or looking trashy. Behind the building across from mine, there's even someone that has ivy going partway up the stairs. I wouldn't do that only because I do need to hold onto the rail and because I do share that with the neighbor but it certainly looks nice on the other folks' area.

A little further down someone even has a chair that sits in between his door and his neighbor's door. I don't know if I'd do a chair since I'm not usually the type to sit outside but I'm sure my neighbor wouldn't care if maybe I got a small plant stand or something.


Oh and one thing I also might get is a lock to hang over the railing to keep a spare key inside like this. If I got the over the rail planter, I could tuck the safe right next to it and then I wouldn't worry about ever locking myself out or locking my keys in my car or something.