Diane (missdiane) wrote,

Tedious but at least I have an impact sometimes.

My job can drive me nuts but sometimes there are some super cool things about what I do. I spotted this recent article about a deadly flower species discovered in amber - over 15 million years old. It caught my eye because I saw it the day before posted to the door to the Exec Dean and my Boss's office. The reason why I find it personally super cool is because Lena Struwe, the woman that identified and named the flower is one of our NJAES researchers and I submitted her project report (along with the 170+ other ones) this month.

Another neat thing is that one of the researchers in our vector biology department were called by Congress to give a statement about their expertise when it comes to the spread of the Zika virus. It's possible that we could end up gathering researchers nationwide to do USDA funded research on the virus and I'd be helping coordinate the projects. Whoa.
Tags: science is fun
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