Kicking names and taking ass!

So, we're saving the galaxy, again?

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Contrarian magpie Dine
Research administrator at a University on the East Coast, Crazy cat lady. Friending ok. *

Just make sure you follow Wheaton's Law. It's simple: Don't Be a Dick.

* Regarding friending - I don't have a problem with random friending if you'd like to try out following my rambles. I may not always friend back unless you are weighing in on public posts and we seem to have similar interests.

HOWEVER, if you are someone that has posted or semi-regularly posts "signal boosts" with Paypal requests or GoFundMe pleas for yourself or others, don't waste your time. I've been burned one too many times by this irksome Cabal of Unfortunate Souls and not only will I not friend you back, but I will also warn my other friends about your ilk.

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